The company experts have an extensive experience in the enterprises auditing of various business activities (construction, energy, manufacturing, trade, publishing, etc.).

  • Financial statements audit (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Standards), IFRS)

    An independent audit of the financial statements increases the reliability of the information prepared by the enterprises for the owners, investors and other interested parties. The audit is performed in correspondence with the International Auditing Standards and the Professional Code of Conduct. Summarizing the audit results, in addition to the standard audit report our auditors also provide the report for the management that contains information about errors and problems revealed during the auditing process, and also recommendations regarding these problems elimination.
  • Agreed upon procedures performance

    We audit the accounting and taxation sections, according to the customer’s choice. Summarizing the audit we compose a report where all problematic issues and errors are considered in details with the reference to the respective legislation. The auditors provide recommendations how to correct errors and to optimize the accounting mechanisms.
  • Financial statement into IFRS statement transformation

    We carry out projects on the statement transformation for the national and foreign companies.
  • Audit support

    This is a very efficient way to cooperate with the auditor. We conduct current inspections of the enterprise either on a monthly basis or on a quarter basis. This approach let you find out the problems and errors in a timely manner prior to the statements reporting to the regulatory bodies. This support will cost the enterprise less than the year-end audit.
  • Support during tax inspections, decision appeal

    We offer an optimal advocacy tactics and contribute to a positive outcome of the disputes in the taxation area. The auditors and lawyers team prepares a substantiated objection, appeal, or claim.

Many year of auditing experience let us develop an effective auditing strategy for each client individually.

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