Auditing procedures are conducted either on the fixed contract value or on the hourly rates basis.:
Manager 1500 UAH/day
Auditor 1200 UAH/day
Auditor assistant 900 UAH/day
Lawyer 1200 UAH/day
Accounting records management:
Single tax 4% enterprise Min. 1500 UAH/month
Single tax 2% enterprise + VAT Min. 2000 UAH/month
General taxation system enterprise Min. 2000 UAH/month
If the operations and salary are absent 500 UAH per calendar month
Hourly rates of Audit Alliance specialists:
Manager, certified auditor 250 UAH
Lawyer 200 UAH
IT-specialist 1C 200 UAH
Advisor 1C 180 UAH
Chartered accountant 150 UAH